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   Here is a current list of all the great Elms Road PTA Committees. Take a look at the brief descriptions. See if something interests you. Contact our PTA President, Chris Mosholder, and she will put you in touch with the Committee Chairperson. Or maybe you would like to be that Chairperson? We can always use the help and we would love to have you join in the fun!



 eaglelogo.jpg AUDIT COMMITTEE - Responsible for checking the previous year’s books. Must have three PTA members, whom are not members of the board.

 eaglelogo.jpg BAKE SALE - Responsible for set up and coordinating K-4th grade bake sales with homeroom parents.

 eaglelogo.jpg BOOK FAIRS - This committee runs two book fairs during the year. One book fair takes place during the open house in September and is usually a buy one-get one free sale. The other book fair takes place in the spring and is run to benefit the library.

 eaglelogo.jpg BULLETIN BOARD - Responsible for decorating Bulletin Board by the office.

 eaglelogo.jpg CAMPBELL'S LABELS - Responsible for collecting Campbell’s Labels from each classroom and tallying total labels received.

 eaglelogo.jpg CHILD CARE - Organizes child care for PTA general membership meetings.

 eaglelogo.jpg FALL FUNDRAISER - This committee selects the product to be sold for the fundraiser. It implements the fundraiser, organizes distribution of all materials, collects order forms, places the order, distributes products and collects moneys.

 eaglelogo.jpg FAMILY FUN NIGHT - This event takes place twice a year. Responsible for scheduling, sending out fliers, and carrying out event. Possible events: ice-skating, roller-skating, trip to pumpkin farm, swim night at middle school, stage production, or movie outing.

 eaglelogo.jpg FIFTH GRADE GRADUATION - Responsible for ordering decorations, certificates, cake and refreshments for the graduation.

 eaglelogo.jpg FLOAT - Responsible for determining design and construction of float for Swartz Creek Homecoming Parade. Generally occurs in mid October.

 eaglelogo.jpg GERANIUM SALE - This event takes place around Mothers Day. Committee is responsible for distribution of order forms, ordering product, distribution of flowers and collection of money.

 eaglelogo.jpg HEALTH AND WELFARE - Information packet available.

 eaglelogo.jpg HONOR ROLL - Responsible for bulletin board, gifts, and certificates for Honor Roll Students.

 eaglelogo.jpg HOSPITALITY - Responsible for the purchase and organization of refreshments for all PTA meetings.

 eaglelogo.jpg LEGISLATIVE - Information packet available.

 eaglelogo.jpg MEMBERSHIP - Responsible for recruiting PTA members. Chairperson must recruit, register, and turn in list of new members.

 eaglelogo.jpg PLAYGROUND COMMITTEE - Responsible for organizing different fundraisers and picking out equipment.

 eaglelogo.jpg POPCORN SALE - Must order product, make sure each teacher has volunteers (homeroom parents). Set up and clean up must be done.

 eaglelogo.jpg SCRIP FUNDRAISING PROGRAM - Responsible for sending out information sheets and order forms to parents, collecting orders and money each week, sending in orders, and distributing scrip dollars/cards/certificates each week.

 eaglelogo.jpg SUMMER STARS COMMITTEE - Responsible for looking at Summer Stars Book for completion and set up of snow cones.

 eaglelogo.jpg TEACHER APPRECIATION - Responsible for providing the teachers with small tokens of appreciation. This committee organizes a lunch buffet for one day during the week. Little gifts are given such as flowers, candy, pens, magnets, apples, etc.

 eaglelogo.jpg WEBPAGE WEBMASTER - Responsible for design & maintenance of the PTA web page.

 Chris Mosholder - President